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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a BLU ROOM?

The BLU ROOM is a place where UVB light, geometry, and music are combined in a new way creating a unique, blue atmosphere.

What is the benefit of a BLU ROOM?

The BLU ROOM helps regenerate.

BLU ROOM users report among others about  

  • Accelerated healing
  • Continuous pain relief
  • Exceptionally deep relaxation
  • Strengthen of the immune system
  • Stress reduction
  • Effective and lasting vitamin-D production

Who can use the BLU ROOM?

The BLU ROOM can be visited by everyone, if young or old, ill or healthy, or even pregnant women. Wheelchairs or other walking aids are no problem as well since our rooms are handicap-accessible.

What happens in the BLU ROOM?

The UV-B light stimulates your body to produce vitamin D3 that has a positive effect on many body functions. The special atmosphere in the BLU ROOM will help you to relax deeply. A session in the BLU ROOM can give you a natural “high” and a revitalization of body, soul and mind.

Can the UVB light be harmful?

A long exposition to UVB radiation can cause sunburn. Either the length of the exposure, as well as the intensity of the radiation in the BLU ROOM, is not long and strong enough to cause negative side effects.

Do I have to take my clothes off in the BLU ROOM?

No. You lay fully dressed on a cot and protect your eyes with a blindfold or UV-glasses. We recommend that you dress in comfortable clothes. If you want to you can partially undress in our dressing room to maximize the area of exposed skin to all the factors in the BLU ROOM. If you want to undress completely you can do so inside the BLU ROOM and store your clothes in a drawer under the cot.
Everything metal and all electronic devices including mobile phones have to stay outside the BLU ROOM.

Do I have to bring something for my BLU ROOM session?

During your visit at the BLAUE QUELLE we will hand you slippers you can wear inside our rooms. Since you are not allowed to enter the BLU ROOM with shoes we recommend you wear soft socks. If you are planning to undress completely inside the BLU ROOM please bring your own towel to cover the cot. If you forget your towel we will provide you with one.
If you already own UV glasses you can use them inside the BLU ROOM or you can acquire a pair in the BLAUE QUELLE for a small fee of 5 Euros. You can also use blindfolds or sleeping masks to cover your eyes.

How many times should I visit the BLU ROOM?

How often you visit the BLU ROOMS depends on you, your needs, expectations, and wishes. There are no limitations how often you can use the BLU ROOM.



Do you have any further questions?

Then give us a call (Tel.: +49 (0) 7931 120 98 68) or send us your question about visiting the BLAUE QUELLE - BLU ROOM using our e-mail We are looking forward to your questions and will answer them as fast as possible.