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Journey by car

Enter Lothar-Daiker-Straße 4 in 97980 Bad Mergentheim into your navigation system. This will take you to the two parking spaces on the parking lot above Lothar-Daiker-Straße 4 directly at the Spa Park. These two parking spaces are reserved and free of charge for visitors of the BLAUE QUELLE during their session.

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Entrance of the Spa Park

From the parking lot you walk to the Spa Park entrance between street number 2 and 4. Visitors of the BLAUE QUELLE have free admission to the Spa Park, also during concert times. In the Spa Park you follow the road straight ahead to the "Villa im Kurpark".

Guest House "Villa im Kurpark"

When you in the lobby of the guest house after you enter through the sliding door, go up the stairs to the 1st floor and follow the corridor until you are directly in front of the entrance door of the BLAUE QUELLE.


There is also an elevator in the guest house. Walk straight along the corridor from the lobby and after a few metres you will see the elevator door on the left. Ride into the 1st floor and leave the elevator to your left, then you are directly in front of the entrance door of BLAUE QUELLE.