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Located in Bad Mergentheim’s Spa Park you can reach the BLAUE QUELLE over the historical Old Town through Bad Mergentheim’s castle and castle grounds. Surrounded by a medicinal plant and aromatic herb garden, a sound garden inviting its guest to dream and relax, and Kneipp water cure basins for arms and legs, you will find the BLAUE QUELLE in the center of this magical place in the Spa Guest House “Villa im Kurpark”.

Blue Light Spring

The BLAUE QUELLE, a newly emerged spring made of light and more is the ideal addition to the three springs Albert’s Spring, Karl’s Spring and Wilhelm’s Spring and their wholesome effect. Bathing in light, frequency and sound in the BLAUE QUELLE using the BLU ROOM technology is a unique experience. It will gift you with deep relaxation, vital energy, and self-awareness.

The BLAUE QUELLE activates and reactivates endogenic processes and supports to strengthen your health. The exceptional effect will encourage you to increase your motivation and wellbeing. The energy level of the visitors, as well as their endogenous vitamin D3 level, is increased and the immune system is boosted.

Recharging your energy and relaxing

New energy in a short time

A lot of research has been done about the benefits of short naps during the day. Sleep researchers believe that a short nap during a day, commonly known as midday sleep increase concentration, performance, and reactivity.

A short 20-minute nap can have a considerable effect since it can improve performance and alertness without causing drowsiness or interfering with ones night’s rest.
During a 20-minute BLU ROOM session, you allow your brainwaves to reach a frequency usually attained by experienced people during meditation. Your brainwaves can reach the theta state, a state of deep tranquility.

After 20 minutes you will feel relaxed and full of new energy and vitality.

Afterward, you are allowed to reflect and deepen the experience of blue light, invisible UVB radiation, and music in our recreation room. Additionally, we will hand you a glass of BLU ROOM activated water to even intensify your relaxed state.

Visitor Experience

Please use the contact form, the e-mail or mail to share your experience in the BLAUE QUELLE with us and anyone interested.